Panorama Rhine Bridge
Panorama Rhine Bridge

Photography a Passion

Since the early life of manhood, we always tried to leave an impression of some sort for our kind. Be it as cave-drawings or art-painting in the Renaissance, men always wanted to show or tell other what they like. In 1826 the first photograph was taken, and changed the painting with colour or pen to the painting with light.
Here on my homepage I would like to show you my photographical work. Enjoy it, and I would like to read any comment on the pictures I've created.


Thank you!

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Includes images from holidays too

BLBW (BackLight in Black&White)
I've noticed, that I make quite a number of images with the sun in the frame, and when converted into B&W, they look very appealing to me. Hope you like them too.




Always a combination of more then 3 individual images

Copyright, all pictures are my personal work. Therefore copying, sharing, or any other use is without written authorisation from myself prohibitied.

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